Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Post!

So, I know your asking the question why the “The UnderGround Cupcake”, well let me give you a little history on how this all started.

Living in Austin, Texas, music is all around you. I love music, I love cupcakes, I love being creative and I thought why no join all my loves into one big ball of happiness and, well that’s how the UGC started. I am have no musical talent (other than banging on pots and pans) but wanted to be an artist in my own sense. Well, I make a mean cupcake, and thought I could write my songs in the recipes of my sweet yummy cups of love. I wanted to create something that people could eat, that would give them that same feeling they get when their listening to their favorite song.

So, this is my first post, my first time blogging…Wow, I feel so cool!! So, what’s been going on since I decided to venture on my journey of Cupcake Queen? Well, I have hired a fabulous web designer to create a logo for me, and so far I am beyond stoked. I hope in the next week or so, to be able to post my new logo design. Also, I have set up a website, which is still under construction. Trust me, when its done, its going to be Rockin!!!

Well, I am off to think of my new cupcake flavor….

Have a Yummy Day...and will talk with you soon!



Soapylove said...

Awesome! It's so exciting to pursue a dream - that's what I'm doing, too! I'll definitely stay tuned to see your projects unfold. I can't wait!