Friday, March 27, 2009


I came across this idea from blogger "Baking Bites". I think this is such a great idea if your wanting to do something other than cupcakes. Cake-sicles"! Bake them, then frost and decorate. You can also use the pan to make Crispy Rice Treats on a Stick. The pan is actually really cheap on Amazon at just $11.99 and I checked out Ebay and found them there. The advice that "Baking Bites" gives is great:

Cookies are thick and sturdy enough to hold their shape well if you slide a popsicle stick inside to complete the look, but cake can crumble when you put it on a stick. Instead, take two cakesicles, sandwich them together with frosting and dunk them into chocolate (white, milk or dark) to give them a real popsicle look. This is how the cakesicle in the photo above was made.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cupcake Social 2.0

Posted by PicasaToday I attended the Cupcake Social 2.0 hosted by the girls from Cupcake Takes the Cake Blog. It was such a cleaver and neat idea, to mingle with the cupcake lovers of Austin. There were several well known cupcake bakeries out today showcasing their goodies. This was a great day!!!